Predictive Dialler Software

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Our IVR solutions include live call reports, showing caller positions within the IVR and the number of calls, including progress of calls transferred to other numbers or live agents.

Features & Benefits

  • Unlimited inbound line capacity
  • On demand number allocation including 0845, 0800, 0843 and local geographic numbers
  • Conference & transfer facility
  • Group broadcast
  • Option of self build or managed service
  • Third party database and API integration
  • Standard library features such as credit card collection & address capture
  • Menu navigation via DTMF tones
  • Simple web based controls
  • Online reporting
  • 24x7 support 



Our IVR service can be used as a time and cost reducing technology:

  • To automatically answer incoming calls
  • Taking customers through a pre-programmed call flow
  • Playing pre-recorded messages and reacting to customer responses appropriately
  • Recording voice on demand and speaking responses fittingly

Two build options are available:

  • Self build your own IVR 
  • Supply us with text and flow and we will manage the rest

IVR is a 'network' based product, requiring no integration with onsite equipment. This removes the expenses of altering existing infrastructure to receive the benefits of an IVR solution.

Call flows can include sections where speech is recorded for post-processing, or call recording can be simply switched on for the whole call. A call recording pause facility also allows capture of sensitive data like PINs or credit card details to be excluded from the call recording for PCI compliance.