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Inbound Queuing


Our inbound solution allows effective management of incoming calls with a seamless experience from end to end. Features such as ACD (automatic call distribution) provide the facilities to route inbound calls to the most appropriate resources.


  • No infrastructure cost
  • Agent productivity increases
  • Skill based routing for first call resolution
  • Multi level agent priority
  • Self service option via IVR
  • 24 / 7 customer service using IVR solutions
  • On demand scaling
  • Web based access to reports
  • Real-time status reporting
  • Web based management tools
  • Agent Whispers to identify call type
  • Automated "You are in Queue Position" messages
  • Custom hold music or announcements
  • Queue breakout to leave a message, or request a callback

We understand the importance of any inbound solution and provide a ‘5x9’ service to all our customers regardless of size or budget. As with our outbound solution we provide all features as standard. Call recording is included as standard, with access via web based applications.

Our aim is to provide a solution for all eventualities; if your call centre has to do an emergency or routine evacuation inside working hours the system detects no agents are logged in and inbound calls can be automatically re-routed to emergency announcements and voicemail.

Our multi-level agent priority capability allows agents on one campaign to provide overflow support for other campaigns.

We provide local numbers from most exchanges in the UK.  Existing numbers can be ported in and new numbers can be provisioned, usually within a few hours.  We also provide non-geographic numbers on demand from the following ranges

  • 0800 Freephone
  • 0845 National Rate
  • 0843 Special Services