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Dialling Modes...

Manual Dialling is not only time consuming and expensive but makes your business vulnerable to court costs and fines from regulators such as Ofcom.

Automated dialling solves these challenges and simultaneously reduces costs by increasing agent productivity through eliminating the time taken to select the next number to dial and dialling it.

Our hosted solution offers a range of dialling methods, all working seamlessly with the tools required to manage a successful business practice. All methods can integrate into an existing CRM or We can provide a turnkey solution if required.

Blended solutions, mixing incoming and outgoing activities, are simple to setup and operate with our online monitoring of campaign performance and intuitive agent management. Simple colour coded live status screens and real time reports allow you to run operations efficiently.

No single method of dialling is suitable for all campaigns; the features of a campaign will dictate the appropriate method of dialling - number of agents, calls to be made, volume of calls, type of campaign.

At, our aim is to increase your productivity, efficiency and profits using any one of our hosted solutions. No additional changes are made for the more advanced dialling modes.

Preview Dialling

This Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) eliminates much of the inefficiency of Manual Dialling, both in managing the call backs on dialling lists as well as speeding up and eliminating errors in the actual number dialling. Our dialling platforms are all 'network based' which means they will work with any standard telephone system as no actual integration is needed to the onsite PBX, we use standard phone lines (or VOIP) to establish voice connections with agents.

Progressive Dialling

Progressive dialling separates the dialling of contacts from the agent's line to separate dedicated equipment. Calls are automatically placed by the dialler, and automatic Call Progress Analysis ensures that only live connections are put through to agents. This significantly reduces costs, as agents don't need to deal with no answers / busy / deadlines / special information tones etc. which increases individual agent productivity. Agents are displayed the appropriate called data record at the same time as a 'beep' is played in their headset to warn them of a new connection. Usually an onscreen script is displayed to prompt the agent how to process the connected call.

Predictive Dialling (PD)

Predictive diallers utilise a number of statistics to predict how many numbers to call simultaneously to minimise agent waiting times, dialling multiple lines per agent. It does this by scoring statistics such as agent's expected talk & wrap times, plus the number of agents actually waiting, with the likelihood of any particular number being dialled being answered. Once call connections are made the call is connected to the agent in the same way as for Progressive Dialling. 

 The graph below indicates agent hourly talk time by dial type