Predictive Dialler Software

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Call Recording... records all incoming and outgoing calls. Recordings are stored online for 6 months, you can download your recordings too as well as quickly searching for a call recording and listen to it there and then. All call recordings are stored on our servers for your safety and are backed up at two additional data centres for your security.


·         No on site equipment required

·         All Calls recorded

·         Protects staff & business from misunderstanding

·         Quick search & playback facility

·         Online retrieval in seconds

·         Duplicated in multiple sites for resilience

·         Provide resource for call handling training

·         Meet customer and company compliance at no extra cost


Recordings can be used for training, quality control and dispute resolution as well as simply for reference.

Many companies conduct business over the telephone, and with rapidly changing regulations call recording has become a vital requirement for many sectors. It is also used as a valuable training tool for both new and existing employees.

The best way to protect your staff and business is keeping a record of all business conducted over the telephone, giving you the tools to effectively deal with any complaint or queries using our simple online search tools. Digital recording means clear playback via the internet with easy control using any basic player.

All Call recordings are written to two separate storage networks on two different sites. Replication and storage occur within seconds of the call completing. Local magnetic disc failover within individual ACD and dialler equipment operates to guarantee no loss of recordings in case of a storage network failure.

To comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations, call recordings can be ‘paused’ by agents so that credit card details are not recorded. Call recordings can be transferred to offline long term archive storage before being automatically removed after contracted term.