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Frequently Asked Questions...

  1. Are there any support fees?

    No. We do not charge support fees.

  2. Are there any license fees?

    No. We do not charge license fees meaning you can start with just 1 agent and grow to 1000 agents without incurring any additional license fees.

  3. Can I still manually dial through your system?

    Yes. Safe in the knowledge that all calls on all dialling modes are recorded for compliance.

  4. Can I transfer calls from one agent to another?

    Yes. You can transfer calls from one agent to another provided that they are assigned to the relevant queues. You can make an initial call and then transfer to another department. Any details the first agent has collated can then be seen by the agents in the second department using an auto pop feature.

  5. Can I transfer calls to another fixed line or mobile number?

    Yes. You can transfer calls to another destination by using the TPT phone book. We have clients using this feature on lead generation campaigns where the initial call is recorded upto the point of transfer and then once the call leaves your call centre the recording stops. You can toggle recordings on or off on each queue if you wish. You can do the same to a mobile number if you wish.

  6. I am a small business, can I divert calls to my mobile after hours?

    Yes. You can simply enter your mobile number into the desired queue as a call divert. If no agents are logged on to the queue then the call will be diverted to the number specified safe in the knowledge that the call is still being recorded for compliance.

  7. How do I load my data?

    Simply load your data in CSV format using our simple data import wizard, save templates for ease of use for future imports.

  8. How do I connect to your system?

    You can connect to our system by either logging in using the built in web phone (USB headset required), using an existing SIP phone (USB headset required) or using an existing landline (additional 1p per minute). If you are using VOIP then please ensure that you have sufficient bandwidth from your ISP.

  9. Can your system be accessed worldwide?

    Yes. Because our system is hosted it can be accessed from anywhere in the world through a decent internet connection. You can even have agents in various destinations (home workers, overseas agents) logged in to the same campaigns as your UK agents. This works really well for lead generation campaigns where overseas agents can 'warm up' a call and then transfer into another centre for a more experienced agent to 'close the deal'.

  10. Can I restrict access to my campaigns to a specific IP address?

    Yes. In the campaign configuration section we allow you to specify the IP addresses of locations you wish to allow your agents to log on to campaign.

  11. How many lines per agent can the dialler call?

    Our dialler is capable of dialling 25 lines per agent. Compare this to a static dialler, to achieve this you would need 25 ISDN lines per agent at £15 per line.

  12. What are the computer requirements?

    PC or Mac 1Ghz of processor 1G of RAM High Speed Internet with a minimum of 120 kbs download and upload per user USB Headset (required for VOIP ) To connect with the dialer, computers need outbound access to the following TCP ports 80, 4000, 843 and 61613. If users will be connecting with a SIP soft phone, all UDP ports must be unblocked. We also recommend that you use either Firefox or Chrome as your browser for best results.

  13. How long are my call recordings stored on your servers?

    1 month. We strongly advise that if you require a longer period to download each recording to your own servers/hard drives as a back up.

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