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Abandoned Call Management

Increase efficiency of your outbound campaign by using with our abandon call management tool.

Ofcom define abandoned calls as any call that is connected to a customer but which is not connected to an agent.  These typically occur for one of two reasons:

Any predictive dialler algorithm is not perfect and sometimes it will dial too many numbers to satisfy the number of agents waiting.  If this occurs, the system plays a pre-recorded apology message to the called party, which identifies the caller and reason for the call.

If Analogue Answer Machine Detection is being employed, it is possible that the detection algorithms falsely identify a person as an answer machine and hang up the call. In this case a "Silent Call" can be created which is extremely undesirable.

Ofcom currently require that no more than 3% of total 'Live' calls (that is calls where an agent has spoken to a customer) are abandoned calls. The dialler constantly monitors calling statistics and the number of abandoned calls to ensure that the dialler operates as efficiently as possible without exceeding the preset maximum abandon rate allowed.  This rate can be varied by the customer if required, and should be set to allow for `false detections` if Analogue Answer Machine Detection is being used.